The ABYSO is a registered non-profit organisation committed to making high quality music opportunities available to young people in Antigua and Barbuda. Our existence depends on the goodwill and generosity of donors who are willing to consistently support the development of the arts. Our programmes include a diverse range of activities integral to building a viable and sustainable music programme.

Donors are welcomed to support any of our flagship programmes which are run throughout the year:

  • ABYSO Specialist Tutors in Residence
  • ABYSO Musical Theatre
  • Student Outreach, Recruitment and Development
  • Technical and Administrative Support
  • ABYSO Instrument Acquisition and Repair
  • ABYSO Building Project

The long-term aim of the ABYSO is to own its own rehearsal space. This space will allow for the establishment of a fully functioning instrument repair workshop, a music store selling sheet music, instruments and accessories as well as rehearsal spaces and a hall large enough to host concerts and recitals.

Potential donors and benefactors wishing to support the ABYSO may give to us in the following ways:

Your giving enables us to develop a generation of talented musicians who will contribute to the educational and cultural landscape of Antigua and Barbuda!

For further information on making a donation kindly contact our Fundraising Team headed by Eurileen Thibou at

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