LSF-UK luthiers, Rita Walker and Keith Graves, returned to Antigua for a two weeks long visit to continue training of local persons to undertake the repair and maintenance of string instruments. LsF raises its owns funds to support these missions and also donates the tools needed to set up the repair shop in the host country.

The long-term aim of this partnership is to establish a fully functional luthier workshop staffed by trained local luthiers as part of the ABYSO’s ambition to have a permanent workshop to maintain all orchestral instruments.  The tropical conditions are harsh for orchestral instruments and developing local expertise in this area is critical to the sustainability of the ABYSO. It is expected that this workshop will also be a source of revenue for the ABYSO.

The first training by LSF was held in Antigua in August 2018. The ABYSO will continue to work with LSF-UK to build local capacity.  The need for a home for the ABYSO to include a space for the instrument repair workshop remains one of the Orchestra’s top priorities.

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