The Linbury Trust has awarded the ABYSO a grant to support the development of the instrument repair programme. The ABYSO continues to work with Luthiers without Borders (UK) and MusAid to lead this programme.

Instrument repair technicians from both organisations will visit Antigua in the summer of 2020 to conduct intensive workshops with selected trainees as well as assist with the inspection, servicing and repairs of ABYSO instruments.

The ABYSO medium-term ambition is to establish a fully functioning instrument repair workshop staffed by local technicians.  The shop will contribute to the sustainability of the ABYSO by preserving the instruments in use and also serve as a source of income for the ABYSO. The instrument repair service will be offered to musicians across the Island as well as advertised in neighbouring islands.

LsF (UK) has conducted two successful repair missions to date to Antigua and have identified three trainees for ongoing training.  Andy Frobig of MusAid visited in 2019 and will annually lead training of the woodwind and brass repair programme.