The Board of Directors of the ABYSO has agreed the launch of a pilot tutors in residence programme.  Under this programme, overseas professionals will be contracted to spend an extended period on island leading teaching sessions at the ABYSO.  The overseas professionals will work alongside local tutors and mentors who are part of the ABYSO structure.  It is expected that knowledge transfer of teaching techniques and material will be central to this programme to build local capacity.

The programme will start with a three month residency by clarinettist Rachel Hannigan, a recent conservatoire graduate from the United Kingdom. Rachel will lead the ABYSO and the Junior ABYSO woodwind programme. Violinist Litsa Tunnah, also a conservatoire graduate, will be contracted to work with the upper strings of the ABYSO and the ABYSO string programme for an initial period of 5 weeks. Declan Birchall will support work with the lower strings in the ABYSO and the ABYSO Junior programme.

Locally based tutors Maria Colmenares and Angel Valero will also be contracted to teach viola and brass respectively.