Plans to establish an online mentoring programme, linking ABYSO players with music professionals from partner organisations, have been brought forward in light of the restrictions on gathering for rehearsals and travel caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The ABYSO has been developing plans for Virtual Mentoring to support its existing educational programmes. This represents a cost effective way to expand and sustain the Tutors in Residence Programme.

The Commonwealth Resounds, the Global Leaders Programme and MusAid, strategic partners of the ABYSO, have offered support to this programme.  Assistance has been given to the ABYSO to secure professional volunteers to assist members of the ABYSO and the ABYSO Junior and Beginner programmes to continue developing their skills in a supervised environment.

The ABYSO extends thanks to the fantastic line up of mentors who have stepped forward to teach. These mentors are:

(1) Strings

  • Beginner Strings: Wendy Max and Cecile Mendelssohn
  • Junior Strings: Sylvia Wehrs, Alfranique Joseph, Joelle Michael
  • ABYSO Violins: Litsa Tunnah
  • Cello: Rosemary Wisemann
  • Double Bass: Loz Garrett, Jess Price
  • String Teacher Training: Hazel Ross

(2) Woodwinds

  • Junior Flute: Kate Walsh
  • ABYSO Flutes: Emma Halnan
  • Junior Clarinet: Rachel Hannigan, Lawrence Wiseman, Erica Cherry
  • ABYSO Clarinet: Rachel Hannigan, Steve Randall
  • Oboe: Ellen Wilkinson
  • Bassoon: Iona Griffiths
  • Saxophone: Kate Walsh

(3) Brass

  • French Horn: Derek Holland
  • ABYSO Trumpet: Jack Coward
  • Junior Trumpet: Dylan Lehner
  • Trombone: Meggie Murphy

(4) Percussion

  • Raul Vergara

The ABYSO extends sincere thanks to this army of volunteers.